Sara Shankar is a 18-year-old pop songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur from Texas. Growing up, Sara struggled with following directions. At the age of 4, she started piano lessons as another extracurricular to slap on her future resume. Instead of practicing, she made up her own songs to later discover her skill of perfect pitch and gift for songwriting, especially pop music.


“There’s no logical explanation for why I sometimes wake up in the mornings face planted on a keyboard with a new song of mine blasting on repeat even though I have three tests that day and a swim meet later in the night.”


Outward and internal pressure always weighed on Sara. Hailing from a brilliant family, she was expected to live up to their achievements.


“My whole life felt like this competition. But the middle school student who won the spelling bees, the 5th-grade athlete who’s name sits on the record board, or the 6-year-old musician who plays Beethoven at dinner parties - that’s not me. I'm the poetry nerd who writes best when she’s crying in the corner of her room because of a bad breakup, the teammate who loves to exercise because she loves the people she’’s surrounded by, and the artist who creates because her personal experiences encourage these sounds to scream in her head.”


Panic attacks and anxiety followed her failure to meet the bar. Following her impulse, Sara turned to music, in particular, pop music.

“Music is like my natural medication. I recite my favorite songs all the time like mantras to relax. I write my own lyrics on paper and lock them away like scriptures to contain my emotions. I close my eyes and just blast music in my room like a form of meditation to clear my head.”


A few years ago, Sara started producing to bring her songs and pop music to life. Since then, she has collaborated with award-winning artists, songwriters, and producers.

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